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Competitor Training: Find Balance

As a coach, I have been approached several times by athletes who ask,“How much do I need to train to make Regionals?” or “How many hours do the best athletes train?” These questions are raising an interesting topic that will take us back to the previous topic of how important a Personalised Training Plan is.

Throughout the Op Meta coaching process we work with our athletes to find what their priorities are and how much time can be dedicated to achieving their goals. How much training and recovery can fit in with your values and lifestyle? If the training compromises the athlete’s priorities such as family then it will not take long for the athlete to become unhappy and disconnect from the goal.

Part of an ongoing physical assessment is observing the athlete’s response to volume and intensity. Aside from mechanical consistency the athlete’s movement, how do changes in volume and/or intensity affect sleep? Immunity? Mental acuity? These factors are essential for long term progress and to reach the highest potential.

Coach and athlete work together to find balance between volume, intensity and recovery. These factors must intertwine to form the optimal pathway towards the desired outcome.

So, how many hours do you need to train to make Regionals? It depends.

If you want to know more about how we can customise a plan to guide you towards triumph, book a free consult today.