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Who Are We?

We are a tribe of those seeking to leap over self-imposed obstacles and embrace challenges. Op Meta was developed for the unique needs of those who wish to commit mind, body and character to self-improvement.

We are committed to a culture of honest hard work, goal oriented action and unending exploration. Our community all share the need for the mind and body to progress towards peak performance. Through integrated training we develop an indomitable character that will withstand any crucible.

Meet The Team

Leigh Gant


Nadia Gant





“Successful people do the things unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do”

Leigh is the Founder and Director of Training at Op Meta. His integrated approach and experiences in developing high performance with people from various backgrounds, including CrossFit Games athletes, Special Forces Operators and World Record Holding Adventurers, have helped form the training, philosophies and direction of the Metahuman operation.

Leigh leads the charge for each challenge. His extensive education, obsessive competitiveness and belief in others are the tip of the Op Meta spear.

Nadia has a passion for creating optimum human health via nutrition and Op Meta integrated training. Her research into gut health, auto-immune diseases and athletic performance aids in our efforts to show people that they can take control of their health and fitness.

Platatac support Op Meta by providing products and capabilities in support of the soldiers and law enforcement personnel that stand on the battlements looking over us whilst we are safe in our homes.

Becoming Metahuman is tough. It’s a never ending search for improvement. Meta means beyond, and Leigh surrounds himself with those willing to go beyond what society deems as “normal”.

Those who follow Op Meta grow and advance. Are you up for the challenge?